6 YouTubers Who Will Win Emmys One Day

NMR likes to play the Game of Thrones … we try to pick the Friends who are just 30 Seconds To Fame — those Alphas who are America’s Most Wanted … in short, YouTubers who will go on to fame and fortune in the TV game. “Like who?” You ask? We’re glad you did. Because we just happen to have this handy list in our back pocket.

Now with Emmys about to drop upon us like a lead zeppelin, we have the enviable task of rustling through all the entertainers out there who are giving it their all on YouTube. Of course, so we don’t make things awkward, we’ve deliberately omitted YouTubers with an actual TV show in the works (sorry, Felicia Day, really it’s because we believe in jinxes and curses). So put down your remote control (we’re doing a whole TV thing — we don’t actually think you are holding a remote control …) and dip into your bowl of popcorn for our list of six YouTubers NMR bets will one day win an Emmy.

6. Markiplier

Ooh, controversy right off the bat. Yes, he makes gaming videos, but guess what? As TV and YouTube merge ever closer, we think “Lets Play” videos are going to wind up replacing Saturday morning cartoons. And who amongst the gamers will be the first rewarded? We’re betting on the dark horse, Markiplier.

5. Miranda Sings

Miranda is so, so delightfully odd. And television embraces odd people so much better than film. So it is basically a slam dunk that one of the oddest people on YouTube will go on to be one of the oddest people on television. And from there, the sky is the limit for oddness. If Jon Cryer can win one, Miranda can too.

4. The Fung Bros.

Variety shows are due for a comeback. And of the variety acts out there, the Fung Bros. have the right amount of attitude and funny to make something truly compelling on TV. And from there, an Emmy should be just one of the awards they receive.

3. Vsauce2

Vsauce2 reminds us of beloved TV scientist Bill Nye. And we the people are becoming more interested in science (which is good!). So with VSauce appearing on late night talk shows, how long before there is a Vsauce TV show? And of the three Vsauces, Kevin seems to have the right combination to take the winged Nike statue.

2. Grav3yardgirl

Damn, is Grav3yard Girl irresistibly likable. Her Emmy will probably come as a result of all the QVC-style work she does on her channel — check out the above video of her trying out a “flying saucer.” On real TV, this would work equally as golden.

1. Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming is a character actor in the truest sense of the word — check out the myriad of, um, free spirits who populate the channel, all played by Chris. Naturally, someone this good will be rewarded.