7 Social Media Posts That Got People In Trouble


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A 17-year-old Malaysian boy is in danger of being essentially charged with treason after liking an “I love Israel” page on Facebook. Turned in by his teacher, the boy has been a victim of death threats and rage by the strongly Muslim country, which opposes Israeli actions in the Gaza Strip.

Of course, he is hardly the first person to get himself in trouble with social media. Several other people have felt the sting of social media backlash after they posted a thought, feeling or even simply boasted about committing a serious crime. We at NMR figured we’d round up the best of the best of these social media offenders in one handy list. Here are seven of the biggest offenders:

7. Redditor Admits To Murder With “Anonymous” Confession Bear Meme

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 3.06.01 PMA Redditor with the handle Naratto confessed to murdering his sister’s boyfriend with a Confession Bear meme — a supposedly anonymous way of confessing your sins to the world. The internet didn’t like this admission though and ended up doxxing the Redditor for his personal information. Naratto was bitter about the internet’s attack on him and the resulting FBI investigation. Ultimately, he admitted that “If I had a dollar for every time someone took me seriously on the internet, I would be able to retire from today alone.”

6. Teen on Suicide Watch After Being Arrested For Facebook Threats

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Nineteen-year-old Justin Carter sarcastically threatened to shoot up a kindergarten on Facebook after a heated discussion on a gaming forum. After he was reported, Carter wound up in jail and on suicide watch for his comments. He was released from prison after five months when an anonymous donor paid his $500,000 bond.

5. Anthony of “Opie & Anthony” Fired Over Racist Tweets

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“Opie & Anthony,” a popular shock jock duo, had their livelihoods split in two after Anthony Cumia was fired for making racially insensitive tweets after he claimed he was attacked by a black woman in the street. The show is so far continuing with longtime guest host Jim Norton sitting in for the deposed Anthony.

4. Woman Brags About — And Goes Down For — Boasting A Hit & Run On Twitter

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Twenty-one-year-old Emma Way of Norfolk, England learned about the “World Wide” part of the “World Wide Web” when she took to Twitter to brag about committing a hit and run on a bicyclist. “Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier — I have right of way he doesn’t even pay road tax! #bloodycyclists,” she wrote on her page. The tweet blew up and resulted in her being contacted by police and being suspended from her job. No jail time or driving ban though, so I guess Twitter is the best social media method of confessing.

3. Gilbert Gottfried Fired For Insensitive Twitter Remarks

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Gilbert Gottfried was the annoying voice of Afflac Insurance’s somehow more annoying duck mascot when he was suddenly and unceremoniously fired after tweeting, “Japan is really advanced. They don’t go to the beach. The beach comes to them.” This was of course in the wake of a disastrous tsunami that claimed numerous lives and devastated coastal towns. Of course, the resulting PR served Afflac right — they hired a known blue comic.

2. Justine Sacco Fired For Major Twitter No-no


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Justine Sacco was a star of PR who became the star of a social media scandal when she posted “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding, I’m white.” to her Twitter account moments before boarding a plane for a business trip. She was fired before she landed. Not only did she lose her job, she likely lost all potential of getting a new job in any high profile sector.

1. Celeb Boutique Misidentifies Why The Term “Aurora” is Trending

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Fashion company Celeb Boutique made the ultimate faux pas when they filed the tweet “#Aurora is trending, clearly about our Kim K inspired Aurora dress …” Of course, the term Aurora was actually trending because an asshole marched into the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and began shooting innocent civilians. Ouch. The company has since changed their name.