7 YouTubers Who Wouldn’t Exist Without Robin Williams (Probably)

There are YouTubers who were touched by the brilliant and physical comedy of Robin Williams and then there are those YouTubers who seem to have been directly inspired by his bang bang punchlines, hilarious character impersonations and fast-paced wacky comedic stylings. These next seven YouTubers might not directly realize it, but they are a result of his years of influence upon the world of comedy. In fact, we at NMR dare say their channels might not exist without Robin Williams.

7. Nathan Barnatt

His gift for character work comes right out of Robin Williams’ tool chest.

6. Black Nerd Comedy

Is there any doubt that Andre channels Mork from Ork on a daily basis?

5. Brittani Louise Taylor

The funniest girl on YouTube definitely harkens from the era of the funniest comic’s best work.

4. Alphacat

Comedian with impression skills who also has serious dramatic acting chops? Check.

3. Brock Baker

Ahh, fast-talking impressionists owe their everything to Robin Williams (Rich Little? Never heard of him).

2. Mikey Bolts

Man of a thousand voices? Double check.

1. Flula

Let’s get a paternity test up in here … I’m thinking the German comic is somehow Williams’ secret kid.