8 Back-To-School Videos For Your First Day

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Today is the first day of school for many — usually the worst day of the year. But not everything has to be doom and gloom just because your summer is over. You still have YouTube and NMR to shepherd you through the long, long months until winter break. And since you rely on us for getting you through the tough times, we thought we’d reward you with some clutch vids from some of your favorite creators that help you realize school is not all that bad. Here are eight of our favorite back to school videos that you will dig.

8. Back-to-School Outfit Ideas

Prolly the most important part of back to school is making sure you look your absolute best! After all, everybody knows the first day of school is the day you wear your coolest outfit. MakeupbyMandy24 has got the deets down to a science.

7. DIY School Supplies with MayBaby

You should probably have all this stuff assembled already, but if you’re like NMR, you’ll just roll into class with a chewed-on pencil tucked behind your ear and borrow everything else. But if you’re into having all your supplies be as unique as your personality, you’ll probably want to take some pointers from MayBaby on designing your own swag.

6. Back-To-School with MineCraft

One of the mini games within the Minecraft world is a building game — if you’re going to go back to a classroom, it might as well be taught in Minecraft land by gamer Aureylian and feature CaptainSparklez as a classmate.

5. DIY Healthy, Back-To-School Lunches

Rclbeauty101 knows that back-to-school lunches need not consist of anything with bologna. Bologna is dead; long live anything but bologna. Try these trendy, easy lunch recipes instead.

4. Polished’s 10-Minute Back-To-School Makeup Routine

Argh, waking up for classes means waking up early; waking up early means you’ll be too tired to wake up even earlier for a proper makeup tutorial. So we thought we’d score you a quickie cheat sheet on doing good makeup fast, courtesy of the Polished channel.

3. Back-To-School Tips

Andrew Lowe teaches you how to survive the high school life with tips from a true high school senior. Tip# 1 should be: make sure you watch all these videos.

2. Five Handy Back-To-School Apps

Okay, clothes, makeup, lunches … what else can we give you to help ease the transition? Oh yeah, how about handy tech! Here are five awesomely helpful apps that are tailored for school and easy to use.

1. Prize Giveaway!

StilaBabe09 knows that one of the best way to take the sting off of a new year of school is to give away prizes! And even if you’re not a regular viewer of her channel, we think you deserve some free stuff! So be sure to check out her channel for details — probably subscribe though, because karma.