A Video About Vomit Launches New Digital Studio


Online video is the consumable, shareable content of the future, and everyone from Buzzfeed to CBS wants to get in on the game — and web companies are no different. After experimenting with short-form web video, the comedy web site WorldWideInterweb is launching its own digital production studio to create short form video. The company is in the early stages of planning, but they are looking to create content that draws inspiration from the viral video genre while still maintaining some level of narrative structure.

WorldWideInterweb’s first foray into online video was a satirical short called “Bulimia: The Musical,” which pokes fun at the increasingly common eating disorder and the “musical” genre through song and dance. The film was run on various platforms amassing over 72,000 views on YouTube and more than 14,000 on Dailymotion. The video also ran on the comedy site Funny or Die, which doesn’t report view statistics for videos; however, it did earn more “funny” votes than “die” votes using the sites viewer rating system.

The show was created by performers from the Los Angeles branch of the Upright Citizens Brigade improv troupe. Originally part of UCB’s “Quick and Funny Musicals” performance series, “Bulimia” was adapted to video by the team behind WorldWideInterweb as a way to test the viability of video content on the site. Bolstered by its success on video platforms, the company has decided to launch a film division to create more shareable video content. The new venture will face stiff competition in the increasingly crowded field of viral video — competition that even includes the UCB’s own video division, which recently joined Above Average Films.

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