AdRev Gets An Innovative New President In Brian Felsen

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When an industry gets shaken up, watch which way the heads roll, then run the opposite direction. On the other hand, when titans of industry begin voluntarily migrating to a new service or opportunity, try to get involved any way you can. The latter (and much more positive) scenario is the case with Brian Felsen, the former president of CD Baby, the world’s largest distributor of independent music, who has just been appointed president of AdRev.

If you don’t know AdRev, you probably should — they’re one of the fastest growing media companies on the block, as well as the ones who are likely responsible for getting many YouTube musicians paid. Not only do they run full content ID services, but they also develop musicians and furnish their own MCN. Like we said, if you’re a musical creative, you probably should know what they can do for you.

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Understandably, Ryan Born, CEO of AdRev, was optimistic about nabbing Felsen. “I’m confident in Brian’s intuitive feel for the needs of artists, publishers and labels, and in his ability to leverage our technology to create exciting new revenue opportunities for rights holders and content creators.”

AdRev, which works with some of the biggest publishing houses in music, allegedly is responsible for almost 50% of Maker’s monthly views and is positioned fantastically at the forefront of where the music industry is headed: YouTube.

“I’m extremely pleased to be joining the AdRev team – to be a part of the second fastest-growing media company in the U.S.,” said Brian Felsen, president of AdRev. “After years of helping hundreds of thousands of independent musicians and authors distribute their works, I’m delighted to now work at the nexus of music and YouTube, which is where the industry is going and where I can best help content creators get paid doing what they love.”

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As far as the music industry is concerned, a whole new world is being built — and AdRev is engineering its place at the head of the line. It’ll be exciting to see what Brian Felsen can bring to the intersection of music and business.