Ads Are Coming: Twitter Is Testing A Video Player


You might remember a few short weeks back when we mentioned that Twitter was playing around with the idea of allowing promoted video content. They’ve taken another step toward that goal recently by reportedly putting their own native video player technology into beta testing. Twitter already allows brands and users to embed video from other sources like YouTube and Dailymotion into their tweets, but a native player could be a game changer.

Videos uploaded to a Twitter native player would appear in users’ time lines rather than forcing them to expand a particular tweet and then pressing play. The new player would allow advertisers to place their videos directly into the users’ stream. The new tool would most likely be available to brands who participate in Twitter’s existing Amplify program, which helps brands to display their content through promoted tweets. Twitter has hinted that it will wed this program to a payment model where brands would pay by the view, a results-oriented approach that may appeal to data-driven advertisers.


Twitter has been eager to find new ways to please advertisers without substantially disrupting the service their users have come to rely on. However, the micro-blogging giant has yet to dip its toe too far into the world of video advertising beyond allowing brands to embed video from other sources. Twitter’s entry into the field of online video ads could potentially disrupt the dominance of industry leaders like YouTube.

Twitter already has a large established user base which will appeal to marketers who want their content to reach as many eyes as possible. YouTube competitors like Vessel andYahoo Screen can’t say that same. More importantly, many established online video creators already have large audiences on Twitter, and the site could offer them more direct access to those viewers than they currently have through YouTube.

The new tool is currently in beta testing, but Twitter’s research and development teams work fast so don’t be surprised if you start seeing native video in your timeline very soon.