BBC Creates YouTube Experience for ‘Doctor Who’ Fans


The BBC is making spectacular use of YouTube with a special stunt to promote the new season of long running sci-fi classic “Doctor Who” — a desktop game created for the show by Red Bee media is available exclusively on the YouTube homepage. Players get a chance to guide the Doctor’s signature time-ship, the Tardis, in an effort to land in London. If successful, the would-be pilots are rewarded with exclusive bonus content from the upcoming season.

It’s only logical that the BBC would team up with YouTube to promote the show. The original “Doctor Who” series was a cult classic in the UK, with iterations airing throughout the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s. However, the the most recent edition of “Doctor Who,” which launched in 2005, has gained international popularity in part thanks to the sharing of clips and fan videos on YouTube. Without online video, its possible that the show would have never gained international success, including a large following in the United States.
The game is only available for a limited time on the YouTube homepage so head over and check it out while you can!