BFFs? The 6 Cutest Animal Collaboration Videos On YouTube

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Sometimes we’ll see a video on YouTube and we’ll go, “Hey! That’s awesome! We should make a list of other videos like this one because the ability to watch a bunch of these all at once would be … godlike.” And so we do it. Such is the case with this footage of a cockatoo feeding milk bones out of the box to these hungry dogs — some animals just know how to use their animal skills to work together, even if they’re not the same species (take note, humans!). That’s true friendship. And so, because NMR wants to use our video watching skills to make your day better, here are five of the best, most cutest animal collaboration videos on YouTube … along with the video that inspired this list:

6. Cockatoo Feeds Dogs From Counter

5. Hippo Tries To Save Impala From Crocodile

4. Dolphins Help Young Seal

3. Cat Helps Dog Escape Pound

2. Lion Saves Baby Calf From Other Lion

1. Animal Altruism: A Compilation (Set To “Africa” by Toto)