Bigballs Scores Bigger Investors With YouTube Soccer-Based Copa90

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Probably only in the arena of YouTube could a family-friendly entity get away with calling itself “Bigballs.” What’s that? Oh it’s strictly a reference to soccer (football) and there is no double entendre? Oh, okay (*editorial cough).

Bigballs, the parent company behind the soccer channel Copa90, has just closed an important investing round with some major players in the media business. Likely coming on the heels of a strong interest in the World Cup, the investors include Thomas Hesse (co-founder of Vevo), Michael Jackson (he’s just some investor; look, I’m sure he’s heard all the jokes already), Jamie Wood and Gustave Voute. All of them are taking equity in a personal capacity so I don’t want to hear anyone coming away from this article spouting about how Vevo is getting into soccer.

Tom Thirlwall, chief executive at Bigballs (now there’s a bar pickup line if I ever heard one), was pleased with the financial proceedings:

“This is a hugely exciting development in the growth story of Bigballs Films, progressing our development of the next global sports network.”

“It is also a recognition of the value intrinsic to our business model as an online video producer with a strong brand, deep fan engagement and, crucially, ownership of our own IP. Among a 16- to 24-year-old audience so highly prized by many brands, Copa90 has become a trusted and fresh voice telling stories our audience want to share, on platforms where they live in formats they love.
Our growing network of delivery platforms also shows the flexibility of our approach and the scaleability [sic] of our business internationally and into other sports.

This is what some of the biggest names in the football- and media-investment worlds have bought into and their involvement is a profound endorsement of where Bigballs is headed.”

Finally, NMR gets a CEO quote that has some passion and meat to it. Normally we get short boring quotes that make us regret writing the article. Clearly these Bigballs are ones to watch.