Bravo Teams Up With The Gregory Brothers and Soulpancake


Bravo, the television network most famous for monetizing horrible women through its “Real Housewives” franchise, has tapped The Gregory Brothers and Soulpancake to help promote “The Singles Projects,” the latest in its ever-expanding catalog of reality shows about dating.  The creative teams behind both popular channels will create original sponsored videos to promote the show. The videos will revolve around the theme of dating and will direct viewers back to “The Singles Project” trailer on Bravo’s official YouTube channel.

The Gregory Brothers have already released their new video, an original music video called “Unbelievable.” The video pokes fun at the commonly used description by imagining a blind date with a woman who is literally unbelievable (Her hand is made of bread! She sounds perfect! Who doesn’t love carbs?). The video employs The Gregory Brothers’ signature musical comedy and only shouts out Bravo in the standard lyrical end card.

The Soulpancake video is expected next week in in order to build momentum for “The Singles Project,” which will premiere on Bravo August 12. That video will also revolve around the theme of dating gone awry as a soft lead for the new Bravo show. The videos are the result of a partnership between Bravo and Portal A, a San Francisco-based media company that specializes in branded online video content.

Brands and networks are increasingly looking at YouTube for ways to cross-promote their products, especially with the help of popular creators. However, sponsored videos have met with mixed results on YouTube, and that has made some creators wary. Fans sometimes respond negatively to what they see as paid advertisement disguised as content. Creators may worry about damaging their brand with the dreaded “sell-out” label. So far, “Unbelievable” has racked up a solid 96 thousand views, and the comments appear to be the usual mix of praise, out-of-context hate speech, and demands for the return of “Autotune The News.” Maybe The Gregory Brothers have found the secret formula for brand collaborations.

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