Bring Up Your InstaGame With Hyperlapse!


Just when you thought Instagram had run out of ways to make your life look super twee they sneak up on us with a new app. Hyperlapse lets users transform boring old video footage into short clips that resemble old school time lapse photography, and then push those artsy new clips right to their Instagram and Facebook feeds. The new app rolled out on Monday with surprisingly little fanfare, but the #Hyperlapse hashtag is already overflowing with Instagrammers putting it to creative use.

For those that may not be familiar, time lapse photography strings together still images, usually of a single subject or scene, taken at set intervals. It’s a technique that’s often used to show the unfolding of slow natural processes like the progress of the sun across the sky, snow melting, or flowers blooming. People have been creating time lapse style videos on Instagram ever since the app introduced video as an option, but the process of stringing together still images to create them was an editing challenge. Hyperlapse takes all the work out of creating these posts by slicing up raw video footage to give it the appearance of timelapse. Thirty minutes of video footage can be reduced down to a punchy three-minute clip with a stop-motion look.

Perpetual early-adopter and YouTube darling iJustine was among the first to play around with Hyperlapse. She even posted a super helpful tutorial video that that you can find above, or scroll own for some rad Hyperlapse creations from our YouTube favorites.

iJustine’s airport moves are far sicker than yours or anyone’s for that matter!

Dan aka Mallow610 fast forwards a trip to the store. I wish we could do this with our commute!
Phil DeFranco makes bike maintenance look like a breeze!