British YouTuber Twins Demonstrate Amazing Weight Loss

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Every YouTuber has one video they consider their “ace in the hole.” It is some topic near to their heart or an important message they want to spread with viewers — likely their one video that is almost guaranteed to do well.

Handsome British twins Niki and Sammy Albon admit that they have been sitting on this topic for a while, waiting until they could do it “just right.” See while they were always handsome, British and identical twins, they weren’t always the skinny and confident YouTubers who could melt girls’ hearts with their charming accents.

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They both used to be severely overweight — Niki weighed in at 252 pounds and Sammy tipped the scales at 296 pounds. Of course the twins are from England so they use the pleasantly archaic “stone” method of weight. A “stone,” if you’re curious, is equal to about 14 pounds.

Now the boys are fit and they are encouraging you to do the same. And of course the video is going viral along with pictures taken of the twins two years ago. People can’t quite believe that it is even the same two people. The key to weight loss, the twins say, is understanding how exercise works and controlling snacking.