Buzzfeed Motion Pictures Adds Two Epic New Advisors

Yesterday we reported on the changes taking place over at Buzzfeed Video. With $50 million in investor capital to play with, the internet’s premier wizards of viral content are taking their video lab to the next level and turning it into a full-fledged movie studio. There’s just one small problem: running a movie studio isn’t easy. So Buzzfeed is bringing in some top-notch help.


Buzzfeed has tapped two Hollywood experts to join the newly-christened Buzzfeed Motion Pictures as advisors. Michael Shamberg, the legendary producer of films like “Get Shorty,” “Pulp Fiction” and “Erin Brockovich,” will lend his film and television expertise to Buzzfeed’s expansive new entertainment efforts, as will Jordan Peele, the comedian and writer whose most recent projects include a stint on FX’s “Fargo,” and of course his role on Comedy Central’s “Key and Peele,” the variety show on which he is both creator and star. Both men will bring their combined expertise in production and content creation to Buzzfeed’s new projects.

Buzzfeed Motion Pictures will still be run by Ze Frank, the viral video auteur who helped build Buzzfeed Video as executive vice president of video. Buzzfeed Motion Pictures will continue to be responsible for every piece of content with “moving pictures” — from GIFs and Vines all the way up to feature films and every possible format in between. Buzzfeed Video will continue as a division of Buzzfeed Motion Pictures, specializing in short-form and viral content, while the new Buzzfeed Live Development will focus on serialized programming. A third division, dubbed “The Future of Fiction” group, will explore possibilities in both television-style content and transmedia. These latter two divisions are expected to receive the bulk of the new advisory team’s attention.


Like almost every media company, Buzzfeed is looking to online video as the next great content frontier. With a growing roster of impressive talent and $50 million to allocate toward new experiments and acquisitions, the company that revolutionized viral content could be the laboratory where the future of online video is made.

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