CBC Seeks Music Superstars With Help From Gunnarolla


Once upon a time every aspiring musician and band wanted a record deal more than anything in the world. Today, however, if you want your music to reach a young and zealous audience then what you might really be dreaming of is a YouTube deal. That’s exactly what the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is offering thanks to a partnership with Blue Ant Media.

The CBC’s “Rock Your Campus” campaign is aimed at bringing younger viewers to the Canadian public broadcaster by reaching them where they live. The contest, launched on YouTube, seeks entries from bands with at least one member enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary school. The winners will receive $10,000 and a one reach management contract from Blue Ant Media. Rather than a record deal, Blue Ant will manage the winner’s YouTube presence helping them to develop a larger audience and connecting them with other creators within their multi-channel network.

Aside from being a smart way to connect with millennial audiences, the contest also shows how much YouTube has changed the music industry. A record deal is yesterday’s goal. Today the key to success could easily be a professionally managed YouTube channel and the network of connections needed to build an engaged audience.

The contest and its participants will receive promotion through all the CBCs various radio outlets. However the bulk of the contest will unfold on YouTube via CBC Music’s dedicated YouTube channel. The CBC has tapped Canadian YouTube triple threat Gunnarolla to host a weekly recap show. Gunnarolla, whose real name is Andrew Gunadie will also be tasked with connecting the contest to the larger YouTube community through his personal audience and those of his friends and collaborators.

If you’re an interested YouTube musician, you can enter the contest here. Otherwise tune in to discover the next Canadian YouTube music sensation and vote for your faves.