Charity Vance Talks Dream Collabs, NMR Live! [INTERVIEW]

Have you bought your tickets to Saturday’s NMR Live show featuring Nikki Phillippi and Charity Vance?!?! If not, then shame on you and get on that, pronto! But before you click here to snatch up your tickets, NMR managed to score for your reading pleasure an exclusive interview with the aforementioned Miss Charity Vance. Trust us, you need to get the skinny on this upcoming blonde beauty who has a freshly penned contract with Fullscreen to her name.

Fresh to the LA scene, Charity has spent the last years in Nashville, Tenn. perfecting her singing-songwriting skills with the best of them. Don’t believe us? Check out one of her original pop singles on her channel, and then tell us if those melodies aren’t stuck in your head all freakin’ day! In between those video views, keeping your eyes scrolling down, so you can get the inside scoop on this 21-year-old pop star before she rocks the stage with Nikki come Saturday.


You’ve been putting your original music on YouTube for three years now — what made you want to start in the first place?

Charity Vance: Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s been three years now! I swear it seems like yesterday. Honestly, for me it was more of a “Why not!?” YouTube has been such a gift for me as I’ve developed as a songwriter and artist. It’s also been a safe place to grow and develop a fan base as an independent artist.

How would you describe your music in a nutshell? Who are your musical inspirations?

I love to make music that is a great soundtrack for a sunny day! Ha. It sounds cheesy when I write it out, but I love “feel good” pop music and not to mention I have a blast creating it! From the songwriting to the performing, it’s an incredible process and my favorite thing to do.

My biggest inspirations are many, but to name a few: Ellie Goulding, Marina and the Diamonds, Taylor Swift, Hayley Williams, John Mayer, Christina Perri, Sia, Maroon 5, Bonnie McKee …

Where do you see your YouTube channel going in the next year?

My YouTube channel will continue to have more and more content that includes music and personality/fun videos. I love creating my videos and striving to make relatable and inspiring content!

If you could collab with any YouTuber, who would it be and what would you be doing?

Oh gosh! There’s so many amazing YouTubers that I dream of collaborating with! I am already doing this project with Nikki Phillippi and then playing the show with her this weekend, so I can cross her off the list! She’s been a fave for a while now. I’d be ecstatic to collab with Heart from ThatsHeart, or BeautyLiciousInsider, or if we are talking music — Tori Kelly! There are so many amazing YouTubers!

What is your favorite part about being a YouTuber?

There’s so much freedom in being a YouTuber. I am involved in the entire process of each of my videos, and I love having that creative control as a musician and a visionary. It’s amazing to see your ideas and dreams come to life. I enjoy the entire process, from setting up the shots and working with a director, to sitting down with a cup of coffee and editing until my heart is happy! I love it all.

What can fans expect to see at the NMR Live! show this Saturday?

Expect to share a lot of laughs with Nikki and I! We have a great time every time we’re together. She’s one of the happiest, sweetest and most inspirational people I’ve ever met. I can’t wait to play our favorite songs! It’s going to be a blast for sure.