Collective Digital Studios Adds Seven New Creators


Collective Digital Studios just jumped to the head of the class. The multi-channel network best known as the home ofThe Annoying Orange andEpic Meal Time has signed seven new creators to their roster, and the list includes some of YouTube’s brightest stars. These new additions will add a whopping 18 million subscribers to Collective’s already impressive total.

So who are these new friends of Collective Digital? They cover just about every genre on YouTube and their names should already be on the tip of your tongue, but we’ll count them down anyway.

  1. Mamrie Hart – YouTube’s resident saucy mixologist joins Collective with just over half a million subscribers, making her technically the smallest signing on. However, Mamrie is one of the most recognizable comedians on YouTube and along with fellow Collective partner Hannah Hart makes up 2/3 of the Holy Trinity of YouTube. No word on whether Collective will try to woo Grace Helbig away from Fullscreen to complete the set.
  1. Madilyn Bailey – Coming in at number six with 1.5 million subs to her name, singer-songwriter Madilyn Bailey is a rising star on YouTube andan old friend of NMR!
  1. Lauren Curtis – Lauren and her 2 million plus subscribers will help Collective to lock down the all-important beauty and lifestyle genre. Beauty gurus are some of the biggest stars on YouTube and a must-have for any network on the rise.
  1. Sam Pepper – A passion for laughs and a thirst for life has taken Sam from a distinctly coiffed contestant on the eleventh season of the UK version of “Big Brother” to a distinctly coiffed YouTube prankster with some 2.2 million subscribers watching his every gag.
  1. Explosm Entertainment – If the name isn’t familiar, the content should be. Explosm is the animation team behind the darkly hilarious “Cyanide & Happiness,” a series that’s earned them nearly 3.3 million subscribers and has them poised to take over the animation scene on YouTube.
  1. Superwoman – Comedian, vlogger and occasional MC Lily Singh has captured 3.4 million subscribers as YouTube’s Superwoman. She’ll be bringing those subs along with her substantial talent for laughs to Collective.
  1. FPSRussia – All YouTubers are equal in our hearts here at NMR, but going by the numbers the biggest get on this list is Kyle Myers, the YouTube weapons expert with the Boris Badenov accent. Despite abrush with federal agents from the division of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms last year, the channel has scooped up an impressive 5.2 million subscribers and cornered the market on mayhem enthusiasts.

Collective Digital Studios is known for its smaller and more curated roster of talent. Unlike sprawling MCNS like Fullscreen, Maker, and AwesomenessTV, which boast tens of thousands of partners, Collective maintains a relatively small collection of channels.  These seven newly signed creators each represent an important or fast growing vertical on YouTube that Collective is obviously working hard to target with high powered talent.

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