Crackle Sets Premier Date for Season 2 of ‘Cleaners’


August is the month for digital premiers it seems. Crackle is ready to roll out the second season premiere of “Cleaners,” a female-driven action comedy that cleaned up for the digital network last year. The new season will consist of 12 30-minute episodes, the first of which goes live on August 19.

For those not in the know, “Cleaners” stars Emmanuelle Chriqui and “Hannah Montana” alum Emily Osment as a pair of hit contract killers. The second season finds them on the run from their former employer, played by Gina Gershon, as the result of a deal gone bad.

Crackle, which is a digital venture owned by Sony Pictures Television, has been a leader in bringing television-quality production and casting to its digital shows. The new season of “Cleaners” puts all of that on display with a highly qualified cast that also includes the likes of David Arquette and Missi Pyle. Most of the season was filmed on location in Puerto Rico, giving some added authenticity to the lead’s Caribbean hideout.

In its original programming, Crackle has excelled at tweaking formats and genre conventions. Action comedy is a typically male-dominated genre. Putting two ladies in the driver’s seat opens up an array of new options and creates something that isn’t often seen in mainstream television. “Cleaners” is predominantly a show about ladies talking about killing other ladies over big piles of money, so it definitely passes the Bechdel Test.

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