Dreams Come True: 6 Best Viral Surprise Gift Videos


Aren’t surprises the best? That’s a rhetorical question because yes, surprises are obviously the best! Unless that surprise is a murderer I suppose, but let’s not dwell on that. Surprises are great. Last week, YouTube star and NMR pal Timothy DeLaGhetto (If you haven’t bought tickets to his NMR Live! show in five days, do so now here!) surprised his parents by paying off their mortgage. In honor of that totally awesome act, here are 6 of the very best viral surprises on YouTube!

6. Lily’s Disneyland Surprise

This was actually the second time that Lily’s parents surprised her with a trip to Disneyland, but let me tell you she is still pretty excited. Wouldn’t you be if your parents drove past your school and just casually dropped the Disney bomb? Skip to 1:50 to see Lily absolutely losing it, OR, as an added bonus, skip to 2:05 for a look at the internet’s favorite no-nonsense toddler, Chloe, having none of it!

 5. Homeless Man Gets A Home

Sometimes a YouTube prank goes so right that it demands a following. In an earlier video, the pranksters at Magic of Rahat convinced a homeless man named Eric that he had won the lottery. That video went viral thanks to viewers who were touched when Eric tried to share his windfall despite his own meager circumstances. The internet rewarded generosity by reaching out and helping to fund a brand now home for Eric. Skip ahead to 4:00 to watch Eric receive the surprise of a lifetime.

4.  A Mom’s Dreams Comes True

You should always try to do something nice for your mom. If you’re YouTuber Anna Cannard, the nice thing you do might be surprising your mom with a trip to Ireland. Watch Anna make her mom’s lifelong dream come true.

3. Ferrari Birthday Gift

So we know that moms enjoy surprises, but do you know who else LOVES to be surprised? Spoiler Alert: It’s dads! Dads really like to surprised with cool stuff. YouTuber Nick DePalo’s dad loves Ferraris so Nick got his dad a Ferrari for his birthday. Pro tip: If you get your dad something he really loves, he will be pretty happy about it.

2. Kristin Bell’s Sloth Meltdown

America loves Kristen Bell. You might even call her America’s sweetheart (Don’t worry, I won’t be offended that you didn’t pick me). But ever since we have come to love Kristen Bell, a question has loomed … what does Kristen Bell love? The answer, my friends, is sloths. Kristen Bell is pretty crazy about sloths. In this video, you get to see what happens when Kristen Bell is surprised with a sloth on her birthday. As a bonus, everyone’s favorite legendary talk show trickster Ellen DeGeneres surprised Kristen with another sloth so you get see her lose it TWICE!

1. Surprise for Mom and Dad

Finally, our number one surprise. You may be familiar with this one since I talked about it way back at the top of the page. It’s our friend Timothy DeLaGhetto giving his parents the gift of financial freedom all thanks to the magic of YouTube. Based on the result of a poll in which only I was asked to pick the best surprises on YouTube, this clip was unanimously voted number one!


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