Endemol Sets Sports Challenge for YouTube Gamer


If you need further proof that sports are the place to be on YouTube these days, then look no further than the new deal YouTube gamer KSI just signed with Endemol UK. He’s best known for mastering sports that involve an Xbox controller, but over the next year he’ll be stepping away from the screen and onto the field to master IRL athletics in a new series called “Rule’M Sports.”

KSI will unlock real life achievements in sports like rugby, soccer and football with coaching from professional athletes who will help him to turn his digital expertise into real-world athletic skills. A full list of names isn’t available yet, nor is a full list of the five sports that KSI must master. Endemol has, however, teased the name of some of the coaches and all three are UK sporting megastars. KSI will be getting tips from Olympian and fitness expert Louise Hazel, boxer Amir “King” Khan and rugby star James Haskell.

Sports content is exploding on YouTube in recent weeks, thanks in part to sports-focused MCN The Whistle, who have consolidated some of the most popular sports channels and signed content deals with professional athletics organizations. It’s likely Endemol won’t be the last network looking to jump in with more athletic content, but there’s something particularly fun about pairing up with a gamer to do it. KSI has built a YouTube audience of some 6.5 million subscribers and racked up over 1 billion views by talking trash about his console skills. Now Endemol has asked him to back up his words with actions in the real world and it looks like he’s game for the challenge.
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