Fine Bros. Drop Powerful ‘Teens React’ About Drinking/Driving

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.08.21 PM

There should be a mandatory PSA aspect to YouTube, where all channels are required to post one social awareness vid a month … but the “mandatory” aspect would likely diminish the impact of powerful videos like this one from the Fine Bros.

Benny and Rafi Fine, who recently teamed up with cat food, are now in league with the National HighwayTraffic Safety Administration to help make teens aware of the dangers of drinking and driving.

Utilizing their Teens React series, they not only educate those few teens featured in the video, but the 3 million other people who’ve tuned in. There’s probably no better spokesperson for a cause than a member of your peer group. So to hear a young guy talking about how he took a life while drinking and driving … hopefully everyone takes that to heart.

Be sure to go to the NHTSA’s website for more information or to, you know, get involved somehow.