Fishermen? Pirates? Mysterious Murder Video Pops Up On YouTube

A bloody and violently sadistic film has popped up on YouTube that purports to show the murder of four fishermen in Fiji. But so far, it is brutal footage that leaves more questions than answers.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 11.56.54 AM

The video, which shows four men floating in the blue seas of some unidentified region, has jumpy amatuer footage taken from one of three allegedly Taiwanese fishing boats. Running 10 minutes in length, the original video shows the floating men summarily — and horribly — shot to death as the crew of the boat jabber excitedly in a language that some news sources are calling closer to Cantonese than Taiwanese.

Posted Monday, the title of the video reads “Fishing vessel fijian crew gettin shot, out side (sic) fiji waters” and was allegedly posted from a university account in Suva, Fiji. Police are now actively seeking out the uploader of the video, but currently rampant speculation has consumed the news sources reporting the strange snuff-like video. One thing that is certain: this is murder.

Some outlets are claiming that it is actually footage of the crew shooting Somali pirates in a failed hijacking. This theory seems to hold the most weight because it establishes a motive — additionally there is a capsized boat that two of the men cling to. Terrifyingly, bullets ripple around the men and their tiny boat hull and then finally find their target as the seas fill with red.

Furthering the mystery, the men on board the fishing boats are pleased with their kills and unconcerned about showing their faces on camera as they pose for selfies in the aftermath. Allegedly one of the men early in the video shouts “Kill them all” and in stark contrast, the Mandarin writing on one of the fishing boats reads, “Safety is our first concern.”

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We can’t warn you enough — it’s a nasty little video and it’s probably better to hang on to your soul by not watching things of this nature. But someone posted this mysterious and alarming footage to YouTube — hopefully they were looking for justice more than lulz.