Foo Fighters’ ‘Carrie’ Parody Wins ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 11.53.14 AM

Charlie Sheen and Mark Zuckerberg posted strong competition, but so far the supreme beings of the Ice Bucket Challenge are the Foo Fighters, who reenacted the pivotal scene from “Carrie” in their acceptance of the massive charity trend.

Incidentally, there is a small grassroots protest starting to gain traction against the IBC — people feel that it is too popular for ALS and therefore it A. strips money from other charities and B. allows people to “brag” about being charitable on Facebook. Here’s why you grassrooters are wrong: giving to charity is NEVER bad. Who cares if people boast about doing it as long as they DO IT? And many people who are giving might have temporarily turned their attention to one charity in particular, but this is a fad and won’t last. Also, many people who have donated during this trend have likely never donated before, which is also a major plus.

If you don’t like the Ice Bucket Challenge, don’t protest it, find some crazy outside-the-box method of supporting a charity you give a damn about.