Geeking Out With Geekie Award Winner Jenny Lorenzo


Jenny Lorenzo is one of the most passionate creators in geekdom.  As the host of Aggressive Comics’ Geekgasm she doesn’t hold back the love or the hate for her favorite comics and creators. That’s why it was no surprise that she took home the award for Best Personality at the 2014 Geekie Awards. We had a chance to chat with Jenny about her Geekie’s win, the explosive growth of geek media, and what it means to be a girl geek in 2014.

You recently took home a Geekie Award for Best Personality, how does it feel to be recognized by the community?

Jenny Lorenzo: It was truly humbling to be recognized amongst such fantastic nominees in my category. For three years, I’ve just been that wig-wearing chick who ranted and raved in front of a camera in her room. So, yeah. I would have to say it felt pretty dang nice!

You’re known for your passionate videos about geek media, what’s got you most fired up lately?

I think it’s no secret that I’ve been fired up about the recent Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles film. And despite my distaste over the leaked photos, casting announcements/rumors and trailers over the past two years, I still wanted to be proven wrong. I wanted this film to be GOOD, dangit! After all, they’re still my turtles. Our turtles. But, unfortunately, I walked away feeling quite saddened and disappointed after watching it opening weekend. The film just had no heart. But I go into much further detail in my review that’s up on the channel. Word of advice to those who also weren’t pleased by it… either watch Guardians of the Galaxy for the 10th time OR re-watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film of 1990. It’ll bring back those *feels* again!

It seems that everyone fancies themselves a geek of some kind now, how do you feel about the explosive growth of “geek media?”

I welcome it, quite honestly. Us geeks went through quite a harsh time growing up because we were really passionate about things that other folks just couldn’t grasp, which often resulted in being the outcast. But now, someone could openly express their love for “Star Wars” without getting an eye roll. It’s nice to see more and more people give geek culture a chance and hey!..actually liking it! As a result, geek media continues to grow and that makes for a very happy Jenny.

Geek culture has gone mainstream in many ways, do you worry about anti-geek backlash? Are we reaching peak-geek?

Being a geek is about accepting and respecting each others differences within the community, whether you larp, squee over anime, or build computers. It’s all to be encompassed under the umbrella of geekery. The problem with the whole “mainstream” situation is that it has produced a certain mentality that being a geek is the new cool, hip way to be. That not all forms of geekdom are accepted, which pretty much narrows down the definition of what a true geek is supposed to be. I most definitely see the backlash happening in that respect and would have to say we are certainly at our peak which has essentially become a double-edged sword.

Sexism in comics, and geek culture generally, is a hot-button issue. Do you have any thoughts on the “fake geek girl” phenomenon? Have you encountered it yourself?

The whole “never judge a book by it’s cover” is very fitting here. The word “geek” has definitely evolved over time and, for me, it’s all about passion. Geeks REALLY like stuff. And we wear it loud and proud. Whether you’re a Whovian, Trekkie or a Dark Arts Wizard. Being a geek has nothing to do with one’s outward appearance. Just sheer passion. And that is why I think the “fake geek girl” phenomenon came to be. I, myself, have been called a fake geek in the past simply because of my appearance. Naturally, people have and will abuse it. And those people are called posers. So I’m not in denial that those kinda folks exist. But I do think one shouldn’t be so quick to point a finger and yell, “FAKE!” when you haven’t put forth the effort to get to know them.

If you had to recommend one comic to someone who has never picked up a comic book in their life what would it be?

Just one? Yeesh! Hmm. I think I would ease them into comics by having them read “The Walking Dead.” Cause when folks think “comics”, “super hero” immediately comes to mind and while we all love our heroes, there’s more to comics than that. And seeing as “The Walking Dead” is a current hit show, a non-comic book reader would be able to relate to it more. Plus, we all know the comic is way better, and hella crazier, than the TV series.

What’s the one movie adaptation you would love to see happen?

I’ve always been a fan of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s work. And while Scott Pilgrim didn’t do so hot in the box office (though it friggin’ should’ve!) I would still like to see Hollywood give him a second shot with his graphic novel, Lost at Sea. I’m a sucker for coming of age stories…what can I say? Oh, and I can totally see the actress who played Kim Pine (Alison Pill) play the lead.

What’s the one movie adaptation you NEVER want to see happen?

I heard there was a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie coming out. And while I’m not opposed to board game movie adaptations, cause Clue was AWE-SOME; and some movies came to be great board games like Jumanji, I’d have to say that even the slightest possibility of a Hungry Hungry Hippos movie should..not.. exist. Go away. Now. Shoo fly don’t bother me. *smack & flick*

Two YouTube personalities are given super powers. One will use them for good, the other for evil. Who do you nominate?

I nominate Nathan Barnatt to fight evil in the clumsiest of ways. His nemesis? Freddie Wong. I mean. He can pretty much destroy a whole universe with After Effects.

What’s next for you, do you have any projects you’d like to tease?

I’m currently prepping myself for a big move to Los Angeles by the new year. So that’s pretty dang scary/exciting! As far as projects go, I just started up another small channel on YouTube called This is Splendid. Geekgasm on the Aggressive Comix channel is still my top priority, but I wanted an outlet for my friends and I to run free and make funny junk happen. Primarily sketch comedy. I’ve also created a new character named Jenny Derpenzo who is pretty much Daria and Lumpy Space Princess’ love child. I have been having a blast with her!

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