George W. Bush’s Ice Challenge Signals Trend Is Over

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 3.43.40 PM

Okay, we’ve hit that point now where Ice Bucket Challenge videos have gotten annoying, and somehow, appropriately, it was George and Laura Bush’s video that seemed to signify that. While it’s great that charity money is being raised, not everybody and their mother (or wife who looks like they could be their mother) needs to post a video showing that. I’ve now watched one too many of these damn videos and have grown resentful.

It’s interesting when interesting people make the videos — but once we’ve seen one unlikely figure get dumped on, the novelty wears off quickly. Bill Gates did it, enough seen. Now NMR (and me, specifically, because I seem to deserve that kind of hell) is likely going to have to cover Bill Clinton’s Ice Bucket Challenge video because he was called out by former President W. Bush.

Pretty soon we’re going to be seeing fringe celebrities like Farrah Abraham and Squeaky Fromme doing the IBC. Two months from now the Miami Heat will finally make an Ice Bucket Challenge video. People, stop making this stuff go viral already … someone find a puppy farting in its own face already.