Get In On Our Jack Vale NMR Live Giveaway!

Jack Vale’s going to be taking the stage at the Jon Lovtiz Comedy Club this Saturday for NMR Live! Instagram just put out their new Hyperlapse app!

These two items have literally nothing in common, right up to the moment where I’ve decided that they should.

So, between now and and Saturday, we’re having a giveaway! Check out my view from NMR in Downtown LA:

So get set up on Hyperlapse, follow our Twitter account @NewRockstars and send a Tweet to us with your favorite Hyperlapse! We’ll pick out some of the ones we like to get you onto the guestlist for a chance to see Jack Vale at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club for NMR Live for free!

So get your Hyperlapsing on and show us what you’ve got!