Goodbye Fanta Girls, Hello Vine Stars!


Remember the Fanta Girls? The revolving cast of lovely ladies in muli-colored outfits who used to promote the equally colorful fruit-like soda brand Fanta? Well, if you don’t remember them, then don’t bother, because they’re yesterday’s news. Fanta has some new mascots and they’re keeping things a lot more current. The soda brand is looking to grow its share of the market in the United States and its turning to Viners to help them do it.

Fanta has drafted an “executive comedy team” made up of three popular Vine comedians — AlliCattt, Jason Mendez, and Mighty Duck — for a new hashtag campaign they’re calling #FantaForTheFunny. The Vine team brings not just their consider skills in the art of 6-second comedy but a following of nearly 3.5 million to kick off the campaign that Fanta hopes will give their image a much needed update. The hashtag campaign kicked off with an introductory Vine on Fanta’s official Vine page.

The campaign will get an extra boost from a partnership with comedy video website Funny or Die. Altogether, the campaign is going to cost Fanta a pretty penny. An article in Ad Age estimated that the the deal could be in the seven-figure range, which probably means a sizable paycheck for the Viners. It’s probably worth the money, however, to Fanta and their parent company Coca-Cola. While popular abroad, Fanta doesn’t enjoy nearly the same kind of recognition as Coke here in the United States. Teaming up with Vine stars will give the brand a direct route to the young audiences who consume the most soda.

The skyrocketing popularity of Vine has made the app’s stars some of the most bankable in the world of social media. Popular Viners have larged dedicated social media followings who tend to receive branded content more readily than YouTube audiences. Their audiences are also almost exclusively composed of the young, tech-savvy users that many brands struggle to reach with traditional advertising.

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