Google To Integrate Google+ And YouTube Videos

Remember when Google monkeyed with YouTube’s comment system? Now they’re back at it, this time bringing Google+ videos into YouTube. This too is supposed to be a seamless integration, so as always, we’ll cross our fingers … but observe everything from higher ground.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.16.10 AM

The integration button, which as TheNextWeb helpfully points out is located in the upper right hand corner and provides the same basic functionality as creators’ ability to upload through YouTube. But now you can have the same degree of functionality with your Google+ vids, choosing whether or not to display them on the much bigger video site that is YouTube. No telling when this will all be fully functional, but clearly the Google team is beta testing it on certain accounts.

Is this the first indicator that Google intends to fold the “YouTube” name into itself? Will we all be heading to Google+ to watch our favorite videos from here on out? Hopefully Larry and Sergey remember their credo: “Don’t be evil.”