Ice Bucket Challenge Electrocutes Firemen In Front Of Students

Could this be the moment where the Ice Bucket Challenge achieves sentience and begins gobbling up humans like saltwater taffy? The early bet is “no” with a “but …”

In Campbellsville Ky., a fire captain and a young fireman were seriously burned Thursday after the lift they were riding in got too close to a power line. No, there isn’t footage of the actual event, you monster (at least none that I can find and I’ve looked EVERYWHERE — hopefully the below picture will slake your thirst).

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 12.04.26 PM

The firemen were attempting to help schoolchildren from Campbellsville University Marching Band participate in the viral Ice Bucket Challenge trend (and charity dodge) when their lift got too close to the power line and the current arced over to the metal bucket, seriously sizzling the men. One has been upgraded to “fair” condition at the area hospital; the other, fire captain Tony Grider, remains in “critical” condition. Two other firemen on the ground were electrocuted when they attempted to lower the lift and the current travelled down the metal.

Ironically, ice water is not what you want to pour on serious burns.