Jack Vale Talks the Video Everyone Should Watch [INTERVIEW]

Jack Vale is a busy man. He’s got a successful YouTube channel where he pranks the hell out of everyone in sight, he was just nominated for a Streamy Award, and he’s performing at NMR Live! on August 30. Needless to say, the guy has a lot on his plate. That’s why we’re so glad he found time in his busy schedule to answer some questions for us about his crazy hot YouTube career. What a mensch!


How did you get started making videos?

Jack Vale: : I made this little hand-held fart noise maker and needed an outlet to advertise it. So, I started uploading public fart prank videos to get the word out. This led to a full-time career on YouTube doing various pranks.

Have you always been a prankster at heart, or is this just the path that YouTube has taken you down?

My dad was a prankster, and when I was little he would fart in public legitimately! And then he would laugh about it loudly. He definitely influenced me to go down this path.

You’re nominated for a Streamy Award (congratulations by the way) this year for Best

Pranks. Of all the videos you’ve created in the past year, which one is your favorite?

The Social Media Experiment.” I love that one because it appeals to not just those who love pranks, but it also received a ton of recognition in the news globally, so it expanded my fan base. It made people think about their personal information being available to the world, but I pulled it off in a comedic format so it was entertaining to watch. Very funny.

As you’ve become more famous, is it harder to pull off pranks? Have you ever been recognized while trying to prank someone?

I do get recognized a lot, and yes, it slows things down a bit when filming. But it’s definitely not a bad thing. I love meeting fans and it’s an important part of this business. Once, I got all the way through the prank and started walking away and the guy goes, “WAIT A SECOND! ARE YOU JACK VALE?” Took him a while to put the pieces together.

My colleague, Jeff Klima, recently interviewed your son Jake about his YouTube career. How do you feel about him going into the family business?

I’m very proud of Jake. He’s funny and wants to succeed. Jake is the funniest person I know. I told him that as I go out on tour, I’m hiring him to come with me so I can laugh all the time.

What’s one thing on YouTube you wish you had never seen?

A video of some lady squeezing the biggest pimple I have ever seen! The stuff that came flowing out changed my life forever.

What’s one thing on YouTube that EVERYONE should see?

The video of me and my daughter Madysyn singing a Christmas song at church. Not a lot of people have seen it. She was 5 at the time. Yes, it’s on my main channel and it’s pretty random. Check it out.

How psyched are you for your appearance at NMR Live! on August 30?

Can’t wait! First of all, I’m happy to be associated with anything NMR does. Grateful that you guys gave me the opportunity to do this really cool appearance! I’m going to start touring soon and this will be my first official live show before the tour.

As a guy who’s built a career online, what’s it like to take your material to a live audience of fans?

It’s awesome because essentially it gives me a chance to meet the people who are responsible for getting me this far. I’ll be showing several clips from my most popular videos and then describing what actually happened in a comedic way. It’s going to be like a … stand-up comedy/music/multi-media/Q&A SHOW! A lot of fun!

What’s coming up for Jack Vale? Any big projects you want to tease?

Uh … there may or may not be a couple of sold TV shows coming up soon and I may or may not be co-producing as well. Very close to announcements.

Jack Vale coming to TV!? We can’t wait, and you can count on NMR to bring you all the details as soon as they go public! In the meantime, you can check out Jack Vale and his son Jake at NMR Live! on Saturday, August 30.

If you’re in the LA area, you can purchase tickets for the event right HERE.

The show will be held at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club (1000 Universal Studios Blvd #222, Universal City, CA 91608 – at the Universal Citywalk)

If you don’t live in LA, you can still catch the show — we’ll be live streaming all the fun right here on Newmediarockstars.com