Jack Vale’s Near-Arrest Spurs 7 Best YouTube Actual Arrests

What’s better than seeing someone get arrested? Nothing that I can think of — but then I’m kind of a jerk. Jack Vale and I were recently on a VidCon panel together where we discussed the douchiness of hassling police officers. Now here he is nearly being arrested for doing just that.

Hehehe, every once in a while it’s nice to see a prank go wrong. Fortunately, our BFF Jack didn’t go down for this one. But in honor of his near-arrest, we thought we’d bring you the seven best arrest videos on YouTube. Thanks, Jack.

Also, be sure to pick up tickets for Jack’s NMR Live! show. If you don’t, you might just get arrested. No, seriously. Missing out on a show this good is now a felony.

7. Lady Arrested In Fast Food Restaurant

6. Vitaly Pranks Jerome Jarre With Arrest And Deportation

5. Bikini Girl Resists Arrest

4. “Batman” Arrested & Unmasked

3. 13-Year-Old Boy Gets Arrested For Smiling

2. Jesse Wellens Gets Arrested At UFC fight, Bailed Out By Dana White

1. BASE Jumper Resists Arrest Only Way He Knows How