John Green Lands In The Hospital

Ok, don’t panic! John Green is in the hospital. Are you panicking? I just asked you nicely not to do that. Last night, the bestselling author, Vlog Brother, and all-around tear-monger posted a photo to his Instagram. That, in and of itself, is not cause for alarm. That’s actually what Instagram is for. However, that photo was  a hospital bed selfie accompanied by the text “No Vlogbrothers video today (sorry!) because I am quite sick and in the hospital. But I’m on the mend and should be better in time for a video next Tuesday.”


There’s no specific information available about what landed Green in the hospital and we probably shouldn’t expect any. Despite his skyrocketing celebrity as a vlogger and as the author of “The Fault In Our Stars,” a book that inspired a summer blockbuster of the same name, John is usually fairly private about his personal life. Despite sharing a lot of his thoughts and memories via a weekly video exchange with brother Hank, John prefers to keep his private life private and we respect that. Still we want to wish him a speedy recovery. Please restrict your “bumming us out” activities to tearjerker novels, John Green! Keep yourself healthy!

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