Korean YouTubers Pull Off A Surprising Collab


When we talk about the YouTube community, we often find ourselves talking about the places where YouTubers tend to gather. As YouTube has become a more prominent part of people’s lives, YouTubers have begun to cluster in hubs, mostly centered in cities where YouTube has allocated resources, like its creator spaces. In short, we talk a lot about Los Angeles, London and Tokyo, but there are YouTube communities all over the world. One of the most active is in Seoul, South Korea where a group of creators are setting up a creative space all their own.

Simon and Martina, the expat Canadians behind the popular channel “Eat Your Kimchi,” have teamed up with the team behind “Talk To Me In Korean” to set up the You Are Here Café in Seoul’s tourist-y Hongdae district. Part coffee shop, part studio and part cultural center, You Are Here Café will be a physical location that draws on both channels’ particular brands for inspiration. It even has its own YouTube channel.

Both “Eat Your Kimchi” and “Talk To Me In Korean” share a uniting theme of introducing Korean language and culture to a global audience through YouTube. Establishing a physical location in Seoul, the two channels hope to create a haven for fans and tourists alike. In addition to coffee, patrons can access travel tips from “Eat Your Kimchi” or avail themselves of the “Talk To Me In Korean” classroom section to get a crash course in local language. The café will also serve as a physical meeting point for Seoul’s growing YouTuber community.

The cafe opened its doors on August 9 so if you’re headed to Seoul check it out!

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