Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui Debut Surprise Film


Kurt Hugo Schneider and Sam Tsui have been showing off their vocal chops on YouTube for years, but did you know that they’re also old college pals? Sam and Kurt are both Yale alums and while they were doing the ivy league grind, they were also grinding out a feature length film that they’re finally ready to unveil to the public. The movie, accurately titled “College Musical,” is a musical comedy set on a prestigious college campus staring Tsui as a struggling strudent trying to balance school and life.

The film is based on Schneider’s four-part web series, also titled “College Musical” which he released way back in 2009. Most of the original webseries’ cast have returned to reprise their roles for the feature film, including one especially notable face: Schneider and Tsui’s Yale classmate, “Girls” star Allison Williams. William’s will reprise her role as Tsui’s tutor and possible love interest. The film was written and directed by Kurt Hugo Schneider and will run for 90 minutes, a major expansion of the original series which lasted a combined 30 minutes.

Schneider and Tsui plan to stay true to their YouTube roots by premiering their film at the YouTube Space LA on September 3rd. The event will be free and open to the public for live audience members and the film will also be live-streamed on Schneider’s YouTube channel during the event. Once the live event wraps up the film will no longer be available for streaming and viewers will need to download it from iTunes.