Sean Klitzner Joins JacksFilms For NMR Live! [INTERVIEW]

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Sean Klitzner is the very definition of a consummate social media celebrity. He’s honed and polished his humor and pleasantly inoffensive act down to a cool sheen that simply pops on camera. So you can understand that we were pretty excited when he agreed to open for Jack Douglass of JacksFilms on our NMR Live! series.

But for as long as he’s been around and for as much as he’s done, we felt like we knew very little about the man behind the guest hosting efforts of such shows as Sourcefed and What’s Trending. So we decided to change all that with some serious and some silly questions that answer just a piece of the very deep question: “Who is Sean Klitzner?”

Here are those answers — hopefully this clears it up some. And be sure to check out getting tickets for the NMR Live! show with Sean Klitzner and Jack Douglass here!

You seem like you’ve hosted every modern show known to man. How does one become a show host?

Sean Klitzner: You wake up one day and say “I’m a show host.” Really. Put yourself on camera and tell people you’re a professional. I was talking with some friends of mine recently who said they wanted to become writers. So they wrote a script together and started telling people they were writers. Word got around and they ended up getting a few great paying writing gigs. With how our world is set up today, if you want to do something, you just do it.

How did you get to know Jack Douglass in the first place?

Jeez. Jack and I have known about each other for nearly 10 years. We used to watch each others’ videos on different sites before the YouTube era. I ended up meeting him a few years back through a mutual friend and we started collaborating together. I’m happy to call him one of my best friends today. Although I really can’t stand him.

Anything you can tell us about your plans for your upcoming bit on NMR Live?

Jack and I have done a bunch of live shows together now and we always come up with the show the day before to keep it fresh. But I promise you that we are going to have fun … even if the audience doesn’t.

Do you believe in ghosts and have you ever had a supernatural experience?

What? Uhhh … I mean I believe in the supernatural and energy shit but I don’t believe in the “modern definition” of what a “ghost” is.

What’s been your coolest “YouTube experience” so far?

A few years back I met the Double Rainbow Guy at a convention just walking around alone. Everyone’s met the Double Rainbow Guy, but at the time, he was the big thing. It was one of the greatest moments of my life. Because like, he was the Double Rainbow Guy! … And it was 2 in the morning and I was drunk.

Is there a secret to success other than “lots of hard work”?

Persistance. No ego. Thick skin.

Who is your favorite superhero and what superpower would you like to have?

I’ve always loved Superman. If we’re talking movie portrayals, Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man is pretty hard to beat. The ability to fly is pretty straightforward. I wouldn’t want a power like being able to read people’s minds. It would stress me out too much.