Make GIFs From YouTube Videos in 3 Simple Steps

Good news for all you giffers out there! GIFers? GIFfers? Whatever — the point is, the newest tool to hit the internet lets making your fave YouTube clips into GIFs wayyy easier. If you’re thinking, “NMR, tell us more!” Well, don’t mind if we do. GIF YouTube lets you make your handy-dandy GIF in three simple steps:

1.) Find your fave YouTube video. Singing walruses, kittens tumbling, whatever you heart desires.

2.) In the url, add “gif” before “youtube.” Example, “” becomes “”

3.) Next, you shall be transported to this magical GIF website where you can choose up to a 10 second section of the video to be used in your homemade GIF.

Bada-bing, bada-boom, you have just made your own GIF.

GIF YouTube has the simplest steps seen thus far on the interwebs, surpassing GIFFFFR in that category. If you’re looking to make a non-YouTube video into a GIF, things get more complicated using MakeGIF, so think twice about that one.

Now that you have all this knowledge, fly away little birdies! It’s time for you to leave the nest and share your humorous GIF-making abilities with the rest of the world.