Maker Studios Snags ‘The Diamond Minecart’

middletonSince joining the Disney family multi-channel network Maker Studios has been recruiting YouTube talent left and right. Just last week the YouTube MCN announced a deal to bring world touring artist and top YouTube musician Lindsey Stirling into the Maker fold. Today Maker has announced another coup with the signing of top Minecraft gaming channel “The Diamond Minecart” adding its 3.4 million subscribers and 1.1 billion views to their already impressed tally.

“The Diamond Minecart” is the work of charming Brit Daniel Middleton who launched the channel mid 2012. The channel was and is primarily focused on Let’s Plays and mini-games from the popular sandbox series Minecraft. The game itself launched in 2011 and its stratospheric popularity has made a handful of its most creative players into YouTube superstars. Like many of his Minecrafting peers Middleton took advantage of the game’s freeform, sandbox structure to showcase his own creativity and charisma. The channel is updated daily with Let’s Plays, mini-games, and mod reviews. Though Minecraft is his bread and butter, Middleton also dabbles in indie game reviews and even the occasional vlogger challenge.

Here’s Danny Middleton of “The Diamond Minecart” taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in Minecraft and IRL

“The Diamond Minecart” will join Maker’s Polaris Network the MCN’s specialized gaming hub. Polaris is already home to some of YouTube’s top Minecraft creators including current number 2 gaming channel on YouTube Vegeta777, Minecraft OGs Yogscast, and recently signed rising star Stampylonghead. Of course Polaris is also home to YouTube’s undisputed king of games, PewDiePie, the reigning most subscribed creator on YouTube. Overall Daniel Middleton and “The Diamond Minecart” appear to be in good company and Maker studios appears to be making strides toward conquering the YouTube gaming world.