Makeup Guru Kandee Johnson Has a New Gig!


The Game Show Network is tapping YouTube makeup guru Kandee Johnson to host a digital after-show “Skin Wars: The Naked Truth.” Johnson will host the show, comprised of interviews and bonus content from the surprise hit “Skin Wars,” a competition reality show about body painting. The after-show will air on GSN’s official YouTube channel. Episodes will go live after each episode of “Skin Wars,” giving die-hard fans an extra fix.

Kandee will host a recap of the preceding episode and discuss highlights, but the one-hour after-show will also include an interview segment called “Skinterview,” in which Johnson sits down with the cast to get some behind the scenes details. Fans can also participate in an interactive feature called “The Naked Truth,” where viewers guess which contestant will be eliminated from the competition on the following week’s episode. Winning guesses will be eligible for prizes.

GSN is the latest network to jump on the digital after-show bandwagon. Produced on a relatively low budget, online supplements to popular shows help to increase audience engagement and keep fans coming back for more. YouTubers like Johnson are a popular choice to host these shows given their experience with engaging online audiences and creating content for the connected generation. MTV famously tapped YouTuber Lohanthony to co-host its “Teen Wolf” after-show, “Wolf Watch,” opposite comedian Elliott Morgan.

The first episode of “Skin Wars: The Naked Truth” goes live tonight on GSN’s YouTube channel. New episodes will go live every Wednesday through the end of September.

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