Meet the Ratchet Kitchen Queen of YouTube: Auntie Fee!


Does anyone really know how to cook anymore? I have no idea how food is even made. I summon it to my house with an app on my phone. If that ever stops working I’ll probably starve. Fortunately for all of us, Auntie Fee is here to save the day and she is having exactly none of your back-talk, so you can just save it, thank you very much.

Felicia O’Dell would like you call her “Auntie Fee,” but whatever you do don’t try to serve her a “Bye Felicia” or you’ll live to regret it. The foul-mouthed auntie has been telling it like it is in a series of viral cooking videos that are blowing up all over YouTube.

Auntie Fee cuts right to the chase no matter what the topic. She tells her reluctant camera man to “shut the f**k up” when he suggests that her recipes are “prison food” (tough talk from a guy who doesn’t even known enough to film in landscape mode) and proclaims the crescent roll passe because “you can use any cheap-ass donuts or whatever, it don’t matter”

Don’t let Auntie Fee’s tough talk fool you. She’s a good Samaritan at heart. She just wants to show you how to make a tasty treat “for them kids and shit.” Just don’t ask too many questions because she has got no time for that! And don’t try to order any of her treats by name because, “Goddammit, I ain’t got no mothaf**kin name for it, yet, mothaf**ka! Shit”

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