Michelle Phan Surprises Fans With Book


Michelle Phan is already YouTube’s undisputed beauty queen. She’s racked up more subs than any of her peers and practically invented the term beauty guru. Her new line of Em cosmetics are is all over Pinterest and the faces of her legions of fans. So what’s left for the pioneering style personality to conquer? Publishing apparently! After seven years on YouTube turning herself from a make-up enthusiast into a lifestyle brand Michelle has penned a book to show her fans how she built her own beautiful life.

The book, titled “Make Up, Your Life Guide to Beauty Style and Success Online And Off” hits the shelves on October 21st but Michelle is putting out the word early so fans have a chance to preorder it through her website. In a video trailer announcing the book Phan reveals that she’s been working on it in secret for over a year and that she has “poured her heart and soul” into the project. Phan claims that writing the book was her way of sharing the advice and experience she’s accumulated during her extraordinary life with her fans.

It’s been a year of big ups and downs for Michelle Phan. The past twelve months have seen her launch her own makeup line with Em-Cosmetics, and become the face of the digital entertainment revolution as one of the first creators to be featured in YouTube’s groundbreaking print and television ad campaign. She’s also suffered setbacks in the form of a record industry lawsuit over use of copyrighted music in her early videos. Now she’s set to ad published author to her already extensive resume.

Michelle isn’t the only YouTuber to turn to the printed page recently. Both Hannah Hart and Epic Meal Time have all made the jump to print. Meanwhile Zoe Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Toby Turner, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart are just a few of the YouTubers who have announced book deals for release later this year. The digital revolution will not be televised, but apparently it will be printed and bound.