NBA, BroadbandTV Extend Beautiful Partnership

Apparently, the National Basketball Association likes the cut of BroadbandTV’s jib. The NBA has decided to continue and expand upon their partnership with the company founded by Shahrzad Rafati for an indefinite term of length. The two corporations first partnered up in April of 2009, and under that pairing shepherded the NBA’s channel to more than 2.2 billion page views and over 5.6 million subscribers. It is currently the most popular professional sports channel on YouTube.

“Our commitment to deliver the most advanced solutions possible has allowed us to build upon our relationship with one of the world’s largest and most prestigious content owners,” said the lovely Rafati. “We’re thrilled to extend the relationship and help the NBA to become even more successful on YouTube.”

Hell, I look forward to just visiting the channel I previously didn’t know existed. Hopefully you now visit as well and somebody sends NMR a fruit basket because you did!