Netflix Has Some ‘Arrested Development’ News


Have you been on the edge of your seat wondering if there would a fifth season of “Arrested Development” on Netflix? Well, feel free to settle back and relax because — YES! — Netflix has confirmed that a fifth season of the cult comedy that it revived back in 2013 is in the works. Netflix COO Ted Sarandos broke the news to USA Today along with confirming new seasons of “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” and a host of new originals.

Netflix changed the original content game when it announced back in 2012 that it would resurrect “Arrested Development.” The show has been a critical hit but had failed to find an audience when it aired on the Fox television network. The first three seasons of the show came to Netflix and quickly developed a much larger audience. This was some of the first proof that streaming video could do things for content that television could not.

By bringing the show back as a Netflix exclusive, the company proved to skeptics that it was capable of producing network-quality programming. Even though the fourth season received mixed reactions from fans and critics, it provided the foundation that Netflix needed for its catalog of increasingly more successful original series.

The new season of “Arrested Development” hasn’t even begun production, so no release date is available. According to Sarandos, it will be a question of timing. Most of the series’ stars have moved on to other projects in television and film and coordinating schedules for filming is clearly a challenge. Fortunately, Netflix has a whole raft of new and returning series including the upcoming “Daredevil” and animated “Bojack Horseman” to keep audiences satisfied. It’s unclear whether lightning will strike twice for “Arrested Development,” but it may not matter. Netflix has already cemented its reputation as the place to go for innovative content.

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