New Video Platform Wants To Give Your Series $5,000

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The new venture platform that Indiewire has dubbed “a Linked-In for creatives,” Creative District, is now offering monthly $5,000 grants for ongoing web series on YouTube and Vimeo. The site, which seeks to showcase creative work to “the industry,” as well as attract various talented individuals to ongoing projects, was founded in part by Technicolor. Really, Creative District has likely dreamed up a sneaky method of integrating talent from other platforms, so keep that in mind. Still, an extra $5,000 could always come in handy. And since we know about this interesting opportunity, we think you should know about it as well:

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The need-to-know stuff is as follows:

About The Creative District Web Series Grant:
The Rules.
To be considered eligible the web series project must be on Creative District and kept up to date.
Participants Must tweet a link to your CD project using hashtag #CDWebSeries or share it on Facebook tagging Creative District between now and 11:59pm August 31, 2014.
One $5,000 grant winner will be announced September 2, 2014.
View full terms of the CD Grant Program here.

Web Series Guidelines
Web series project can be at any stage of completion. Whether you’re in pre-production or working on season 2, we want to see your project’s progress on CD.
Make great use of CD. Add collaborators, post open positions, and a variety of content.
Have an updated personal profile on Creative District
Be creative in showcasing your work on CD. (Exclusive behind the scenes content, etc.)
Take a look at our Featured Projects, and meet our previous grant winners to see how others are using CD to showcase their work, find collaborators, and promote their projects.