New Web Series From Former ‘iCarly’ Star


The Sarah in question is Sarah Bronson, McCurdy’s character, a former child actress and tween idol who finds her long-running show abruptly cancelled. Faced with a choice of what to do next, Sarah isn’t sure quite where to turn. It’s a case of art imitating life as McCurdy recently found herself at loose ends after a long run as co-star on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly” and its short-lived spin-off “Sam and Cat” abruptly came to an end. Sarah Bronson finds herself in a similar situation in the first episode when her show is dropped by the network. When prompted for what to do next, Sarah hesitates envisioning a series of teen star clichés. Vision of the wasted party girl, a return to school, an ill-advised marriage and a Miley-esque pop career appear like the ghost of Christmas future.

Unlike her character, Jennette McCurdy knew exactly what to do when her television run came to an end. She’s taken her talents to the web to create a series that draws on her life experience but also demonstrates her range beyond the tween-friendly comfort zone of Nickelodeon. “What’s Next For Sarah” is lite but it’s not Nickelodeon lite. There are laughs but the show is laced with the anxiety that most millennials feel about taking the next big step in life.

The first four episodes of “What’s Next For Sarah” are available now on Vimeo. We don’t know what’s next for Sarah Bronson, but Jennette McCurdy’s future as an actress and creator seems bright!

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