Nickelodeon Rolls Out Its First Digital-Only Show

NickelodeonintNickelodeon is ready to launch “Welcome to the Wayne,” the first of four series the company has made specifically for the internet. Nick has been paying a lot more attention to the web lately, a sign that the youth-focused network knows where young audiences live. Nickelodeon recently refurbished their website with additional video content and launched a new mobile app designed for video audiences.

“Welcome to the Wayne” is an animated series that grew out of Nickelodeon’s animated shorts program. It will be the first series that the network has designed specifically for digital. The show follows the stories of 10-year-olds and the adventures they have while living in their New York City apartment building, The Wayne. New episodes will be released every Monday exclusively on, mirroring a traditional TV schedule.

“Welcome to the Wayne” will be followed by three more digital-only releases. Tentatively titled “Chase Champion,” “Junior Eye” and “Mr. Sheep’s Department of Dreams,” all three shows remain in development but are expected to be released before the end of the year. All four shows will reportedly be aimed a younger audience like most of Nickelodeons current offerings.


It’s not surprising that youth-focused networks like Nickelodeon are taking the plunge into original digital programming before their more adult-oriented peers. Teen-catering networks like the CW and MTV have also set up their own digital studios, CW Seed and MTV Other, to incubate new concepts and talent. Like its teen-centric peers, Nick is hoping to attract audiences, and presumably advertisers, to its digital audiences. However, the company hasn’t ruled out the possibility that one of its digital series may “graduate” to television under the right circumstances.

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