Nikki Glaser Invites You To A YouTube Slumber Party


Jerry Seinfeld has a hit on his hands with his popular web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” but leave it to Nikki Glaser to take it to the next level. The web-savvy comedienne is packing her overnight bag for a new Comedy Central web show called “Comedians Crashing Couches.” The premise will see Glaser temporarily moving in with a group of social media personalities, including a handful of YouTube creators, to get a first-hand look at the internet life.

Glaser is no stranger to the world of web celebrities. She’s hosted a popular podcast with comedy partner Sara Schafer since 2011. In 2013, the pair took their duo act to MTV as the hosts of “Nikki & Sara Live,” a pop culture variety show featuring celebrity guests. During the show’s two-season run, those guests included YouTube royalty like Grace Helbig, Chris Hardwick and Austin Mahone.

Now Glaser is jumping into the YouTube void again. The eight-episode show will see Glaser hanging out with established YouTube creators and up-and-comers like Annie Bardonski, Brandon Skeie, Haley Bringel, Jessica Cellona and Phil Wedow. Both Glaser and her guest will vlog during the experience, and the comedian will also try her hand at the various YouTube skills her guests practice. Expect to see her get her hands dirty making a haul video, doing some lip dub, and even throwing out a little freestyle rap, all in service of getting to know what the YouTube lifestyle is really like.

The show is being produced by Comedy Central’s increasingly successful digital division CC:Studios — that’s the same digital studio responsible for Broad City’s big jump from web series to television. The first episode goes live today on and on the official Comedy Central YouTube Channel. The first installment features Glaser and her producer sorting through applications to choose the lucky YouTubers she’ll feature.

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