Nikki Phillippi Dishes Secrets Before Her NMR Live! [INTERVIEW]

As you probably know, this Saturday is the second edition of our NMR Live! series where NewMediaRockstars brings you the biggest social media stars live on stage at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in sunny Los Angeles. This Saturday, August 16, NMR Live! will feature two of YouTube’s most popular princesses — Charity Vance and Nikki Phillippi! Both singing live! Are you excited? Because we definitely are! To keep you pumped up for the show we sat down for a little chat with Nikki to get the inside dish on what’s it’s like to be one of YouTube’s premier lifestyle gurus.


Nikki! How pumped are you to meet fans and perform at NMR Live!?

Nikki Phillippi: I’m so excited! It’s been about five years since my last performance and I’m hoping it will be like riding a bike! Haha! Either way, I’m mostly pumped about meeting and re-meeting some of my subscribers face to face … that will be super cool.

Are you excited to perform with Charity Vance?

Yeah, of course! It’s kinda crazy because I have been a mega fan of Charity’s for years, so the fact that I’ve been getting to rehearse and work with and learn from her, has been beyond incredible. Also, the fact that I will now get to share a stage with her is such an honor and will be a blast.

What’s the best part about interacting with fans live versus through social media?

I think putting a face to the people I’m talking to online is the coolest part about the live experience. It obviously makes everyone human to me and is just such a cool feeling.

You’re obviously a style influence for many of your fans — who are some of your personal style icons?

While my style isn’t necessarily like hers, I have been a HUGE Nicole Richie fan for years! She is one of the few people I used to keep pictures of, to reference her outfits. It also helps that her personality is stellar. Haha, she never fails to make me laugh.

What’s something that people might not know about you if they only know you through your videos?

I’m not sure that the extent of my weirdness translates on camera. Haha, I’m definitely super quirky and I’m not sure if people watching my videos really get to see that in all its glory.

You’ve said before that you love being a girl and doing girly things — any secret tomboy hobbies or interests?

I’m actually super into typically “guy” shows and guy movies. Something about badass characters like Jack Bauer, the BBC Sherlock and Bohanon from “Hell On Wheels” really interests me. To be honest, most of my favorite content is considered “male” content.

You share a lot of great beauty and lifestyle tips in your videos — are you holding back any special tricks just for yourself?

If I am , it’s not intentional. Haha, I don’t consider myself a beauty guru, just a girl interested in beauty stuff! I try a lot of different beauty tips and tricks, and in general, I like to share them all with my subscribers.

Have you got any new projects coming up that you want to tease?

I don’t know about that … I have a bad habit of letting the cat out of the bag prematurely and then changing my mind. So let’s just say, yes, I’m working on some stuff that I’m really, really stoked about, but no, I’m not willing to spill just yet.

We’ll all just have to wait and see what’s next from Nikki, but maybe she’ll spill it at the live show if we ask really nicely!

If you want to attend, there are still a few tickets available HERE. Just make sure you’re going to be in Los Angeles on Saturday. Doors will open at 1:30 p.m. at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at the Universal Citywalk!

If you’re not in LA, you can tune into the live stream right here on!