NMR Live! Unveils Its Official MC … Guess Who!

Have you gotten your NMR Live! tickets yet? If not, get your online video-loving butt over to this link right here, because your mom desperately wants you to get out of the house this Saturday afternoon instead of you going into your usual all-day couch campout routine of eating Cheetos and watching Sourcefed videos. Also, she says to get a damn job … although not one writing about online video (it’s where dreams go to die).

Speaking of SourceFed, NMR Live! has fetched a gee-golly, real-life MC, and it’s none other than SourceFed’s ultimate in-house nerd, Steve Zaragoza! … See all what I did there? Anyway, since Steve will be manning the NMR Live! mic as its official master of ceremonies, you can expect Zaragoza-style hilarity before and after each main act — and in between too, if hungover, drugged-out YouTube celebrities with giant egos rampaging the NMR Live! stage becomes a thing. Believe me, I’ve been around the YouTube community long enough to know it’s possible, so buy your tickets now and remember to bring your video cameras!

Anyhow, I took some time away from picking out all the red M&Ms from the NMR Live! green room snack bowl, per Timothy DeLaGhetto’s rider demands, to talk to Steve about his new gig with good ol’ NMR. Peep it below.


Welcome aboard! Are you sure choosing to work with NMR had nothing to do with the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol? It’s how I got here.

Steve Zaragoza: More like copious amounts of bacon. And bacon farts.

What’ve you got planned as MC? And will it involve the pooter in any way, shape or form? Because if yes, I will punch children to get to the front of the line … or at least that’s the excuse I’ll be using this time around.

I have a lot planned actually! I want to try out potential new characters, and “routines.” I’ve been trying to bring back vaudeville-style slapstick to the live stage. And of course, the pooter is always a great back up device. When it doubt: FART JOKE!

What are you most looking forward to as MC of NMR Live? Least looking forward to?

I haven’t really taken to the live stand-up stage before. I’ve done some improv-y type things on stage before, but have never really MC’d anything like this. I’m least looking forward to the tears of sadness from the audience after I tell stories about my childhood.

Might Sourcefed be headlining an NMR Live! down the line?

This might be possible! I’d have to wrangle the team, which is no easy feat. It involves lots of straps and a giant novelty dog catchers’ net!

What’s it like working with Phil DeFranco? Gimme the best dirt you got.

Phil is a great boss! He forces me to keep me beard at a certain length, and makes me rub dog blood in it. And he also makes me hug him for uncomfortably long lengths of time. But he smells nice, so it’s ok.

Is there such a thing as being too nerdy? Is there a line you won’t cross?

NEVAR!!! And there’s no line I haven’t crossed. It all just hasn’t been caught on camera yet … thankfully.

NMR Live! is clearly the bee’s knees, but what else do you have coming down the pipeline?

I’m starring in a new show coming VERY SOON from Pemberley Digital called “Frankenstein, MD.” I play “Iggy DeLacey,” a new take on the “Igor” character. It’s scripted and silly but also gets intensely serious and dramatic and scary. It’s kind of a new thing for me that I’m very excited about. I’m kind of heading in the direction I intended on heading in by doing more scripted stuff like this so I’m really happy.