NMR Live! Recap: Timothy DeLaGhetto Brings Down the House

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Okay, we admit it … we were a little nervous when we actually put the idea for our NMR Live! series into motion. What if we threw a party at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal City and nobody came?

But once we got Timothy DeLaGhetto as our first performer, we went “Whew!” We knew this thing was gonna be a slam dunk … and it was. See, Timothy brought on Andrew Garcia as a special guest and then we recruited Steve Zaragoza of Sourcefed fame to be our MC. I guess it also helped that we sold lots of tickets and everybody collaborated to put on one hell of a show!

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Zaragoza, who might have NMR’s vote for funniest guy in the universe, kept everything lively and did bunches of interviews with fans in line. If you tuned in or showed up in person, you should still be busting a gut over the line “Who’s your mama?”

If you weren’t there though … well, we’re supposed to say “No worries,” but the reality is that you should worry. You missed out big time! This was your chance to be in on the ground floor of something major and you probably wasted your Saturday night sniffing model airplane glue and eating leftover Christmas fudge (actually, that sounds like a pretty good evening too). Now with our next one, featuring the awesomely talented Nikki Phillippi, you can only get in near the ground floor (which is still pretty boss).

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Steve opened the show, which took place last Saturday, with a monologue that included teaching everyone that a handjob can also be called a “pants handshake.” Then Andrew Garcia came out as the opener and KILLED IT. He moved the physical and digital audience with covers of “Bound 2” and “Clarity” and also performed a song with Josh Golden that they co-wrote, called “One Way Ticket.” Also, for the record, if you want to buy him a drink, he likes Hennessey and orange juice (classy!).

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Last, but certainly not least, Timothy DeLaGhetto served up a career-defining performance full of humor, raunch, songs and incredible freestyle. His act is the definition of “skills to pay the bills” and NMR couldn’t have picked a better performer to wow the worldwide crowd. Damn right he sang “First Asian Boy.” Also, there was twerking. Yeah, you definitely missed out this time around. Don’t miss out on the next one — go here for details!