NMR Live! with Timothy DeLaGhetto & Andrew Garcia [VIDEO]

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 4.09.16 PM

Hot damn, NMR should get into the drug dealing business because we are oh so good at breaking you off a little taste of something to get you hooked. Bear witness to a few snippets from our first-ever NMR Live! series event featuring the YouTube sensations Timothy DeLaGhetto, Andrew Garcia and our badass MC, Steve Zaragoza of Sourcefed fame. You want to catch the whole show, you gotta get a ticket, but if you want to see if this event that rolls on all summer long is worth your time, well, look no further than the footage we cobbled together to prove we got the goods.

While it’s too bad Timothy and Andrew couldn’t be headlining all our events, Steve will be back for when we feature the equally impressive and talented Nikki Phillippi, who will be singing at NMR Live! on Aug. 16! Definitely go to that … but also definitely watch this. And get your friends to watch … and their friends …

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